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December 2009

Happy New Year from Superior Foundation Repair

The Holidays are wrapping up and 2009 is coming to a close. New Years Eve is one of the most popular nights to get out and about in Austin. The easy choice is 6th street, but if you don’t want to fight the hundreds of thousands of people roaming the streets, here’s a list of 8 alternatives to 6th street for New Years Eve celebrations:

  1. First Night Austin 2010
    • An inter-generational, family friendly, alchohol-free celebration taking place at different location around Austin, download the complete Austin First Night program
    • Festivities start at 4 and include art, music, theater performances, workshops, and a parade among other things.
  2. First Night Austin New Year’s Eve Run
    • In conjunction with the First Night festivities, a 2 mile run starting at Auditorium Shores at 10 p.m. should get you in the mood for a fun and fit 2010
    • Registration
  3. The Eggmen at Jovita’s Mexican Restaurant
    • The Eggmen are an Austin Beatles cover band
    • They will be performing 2 shows at Jovita’s Mexican Restaurant on New Year’s Eve:
      • a family friendly show from 4:15-6:00 p.m. to commemorate the New Years in London. Price: $8 Adults/$5 Kids – available at the door
      • a New Year’s Eve bash featuring Ouch! (on at 8:15) & the Eggmen (on from 9 p.m.-1 a.m.) – Prizes, giveaways & food – price:  $25
    • Jovita’s Mexican Restaurant
      1619 South First St.
      Austin, TX 78704
  4. FINO Restaurant, Patio & Bar New Year’s Eve Dinner
    • A New Year’s Eve Dinner featuring Paella and New Year’s Eve Cocktails
    • Call for reservations, prices & more info
    • FINO
      2905 San Gabriel Street
      Austin, TX 78705
      (512) 474-2905
  5. Flying Saucer’s Annual New Year’s Eve Party
    • The Flying Saucer Draught House will be hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration with Free admission, a Free champagne toast, and party favors. Doors open at 11 a.m.
    • Inside the Triangle
      815 W. 47th St.
      Austin, TX 78751
  6. New Years Eve with Jimmy LaFave at Threadgill’s North
    • Join Texas music legend Jimmy LaFave at Threadgill’s North for a special New Years Eve concert and a delicious 4 course meal
    • Dinner from 7:30-9:30 p.m. download the menu (PDF)
    • Opening act:  Jess Klein
    • Main act:  Jimmy LaFave
    • Price: $75
      Music Starts at 9 p.m.
      call for reservations
    • Threadgill’s North
      6416 North Lamar
      Austin, Texas 78752
      (512) 451-5440
  7. Guy Forsyth and Sideshow Tragedy at the Saxon Pub
    • Legendary Austin Singer/Songwriter Guy Forsyth will be performing a special New Year’s Eve show at the Saxon Pub
    • Doors open at 8 p.m. & the show starts at 9
    • Tickets:  $20 (advance)/$25 at the door
    • The Saxon Pub
      1320 South Lamar
      Austin, Texas 78704
  8. New Years Eve Dinner at Lakeway Resort & Spa

Superior Foundation Repair would like to wish you and your family a prosperous 2010 and would like to thank all of our customers for helping make us one of the top foundation repair companies in Austin, Texas this year. We look forward to repairing foundations and leveling houses in the Austin and San Antonio area for many more years to come.

Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas from Superior Foundation Repair (photo courtesy of Thomas Stromberg)Christmas time is upon us. A time for family, shopping, and lots of food. This year, Christmas day falls on a Friday, and, typical for Austin, there will be things to do on Friday the 25th. Whether it’s a theater production, live music, or a movie, there is something for everyone. Especially those that enjoy the long Christmas day, but are usually antsy to get out and about by the evening. Following is a list of 5 interesting things to do on Christmas day:

  1. Antone’s Christmas show:
    • Carolyn Wonderland with Shelley King & Blues Mafia
      • “Blues-rocker Carolyn Wonderland is a singer/songwriter/pianist/ trumpeteer/guitarist from Texas. She began performing solo as a teen and then later with her band the Imperial Monkeys. While firmly entrenched in blues-rock, Wonderland and her group sport a diverse range of other influences, from country to zydeco to surf to Latin to boogie, and even jazz.” source:  Austin 360
    • Doors:  8 p.m. – Show:  9 p.m. – Tickets
  2. ‘Rockin Christmas Party’ @ZACH Theatre’s Kleberg Stage
    • “Austin’s rock-n-soul holiday spectacle, Rockin’ Christmas Party, celebrates a sweet sixteen years reigning as one of our town’s longest-running traditions!” (description from website)
    • Showtime:  8 p.m. – Tickets
  3. ‘The Santaland Diaries’ @ZACH Theatre’s Whisenhunt Stage
    • A comedy which tells the story of an actual Macy’s elf, Crumpet, and the difficulties of dealing with the demands of Christmas.
    • Showtime:  8 p.m. – Tickets
  4. Sherlock Holmes‘ – Opening day
  5. It’s Complicated‘ – Opening Day
    • With:  Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin
    • Theaters showing ‘It’s Complicated’

Superior Foundation Repair wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Holiday Season. Sign up for our RSS Feed and visit our blog again on December 28th for our recommendations for New Year’s Eve!

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A frustrated home owner with foundation problems

  1. Overwatering

    Overwatering a lawn is a common cause of foundation problems in areas with Vertisols (Expansive Soils).

    A frequent source of damage is the differential swelling caused by pockets of moist soil adjacent to dry soil. For example, lawn and garden watering creates a moist zone on the exterior of a foundation, whereas the interior is dry; this creates differential swelling pressure on foundation elements.

    source: Damage to Foundation from Expansive Soils (pdf)

    Texans tend to overwater due to the unpredictability of the weather patterns. However, maintining a constant moisture level in the soil surrounding your foundation is imperative for home owners. Overwatering exerts added pressure on foundation walls which can cause them to swell upwards, thus causing the infamous, unsightly cracks to appear in walls.

    Watering – Year-round watering should be planned to avoid too much moisture in the rainy season and too little in the dry season. Automatic watering systems may help, but they can require a seasonal adjustment and attention to maintenance. If the valve accidentally sticks open, major damage could result.

    source: Living with Expansive Soils (pdf)

  2. Installing Landscaping too Close to a Foundation

    When considering landscaping for your house, it is important to keep plants a safe distance from the foundation, usually 5 feet or more. Landscaping planted too close to a foundation can cause the soil to expand through overwatering, deprive the plants of moisture (when the roots reach under the foundation), or in cases of trees cause foundation problems because of their roots.

    How Close to the House Should You Place Foundation Shrubs?

    Having shrubbery right up against your house isn’t good for the house, the shrubbery, or for you! So keep the following guidelines in mind when planning a foundation planting:

    Locate good-sized shrubs (6 feet tall or higher at maturity) in such a way that their mature foliage will remain at least 5 feet away from the house. You can get away with planting shrubs that stay shorter a bit closer to the house. Where you live also makes some difference. In hot, humid climates, you’ll want more air circulating between the house and the foundation shrubs, to discourage rot. Adequate spacing between the plants themselves, too, is important, to reduce disease and maintenance.

    source: David Beaulieu –

  3. Improper Installation of Swimming Pools

    Swimming pools installed improperly can lead to water seepage into the soil. In Central Texas, the expansive soils will absorb this water and put increased pressure on your home’s foundation. Insure that proper waterproofing has been installed when purchasing a home with a swimming pool

    As swimming pools are always in direct contact with water and the hydrostatic head is very high, the waterproofing of swimming pools has to be considered very seriously from beginning and adequate steps are to be taken to ensure their water tightness.

    source: Swimming Pool Protection System (pdf)

    Diagram detailing pool seepage Pool shells always leak some amount of water from natural percolation through the structural gunite skin. If the pool is close enough to adjacent foundations, the entire building can be lifted differentially.

    source: Damage to Foundation from Expansive Soils (pdf)

  4. Improper drainage

    Proper drainage is an essential part of any home design. Included in this are gutters which deposit the water far enough away from the foundation to prevent it from influencing the foundation. Also a proper grade in which the land around the house gradually slopes downward, away from the house and deposits runoff water on the streets.

    The foundation should always be provided with adequate drainage, and the soil properly prepared to minimize changes in soil moisture and differential movement.

    source: US Department of Defense: Foundations in Expansive Soils (PDF) section: 7-1

    Superior Foundation Repair recommends depositing water from gutters and downspouts 10 feet (or further) from home foundations located in areas with expansive soils. Superior also recommends a grade of 3-5% sloping away from the foundation.

  5. Interior Remodeling

    When remodeling your home, it is important to understand why your home was designed the way it was in the first place. A major remodeling project which shifts the load of the house significantly, can adversely affect the original design of a foundation. Removal of supporting walls can wreak havoc. Also installing add-ons to a house situated on expansive soil can have the reverse effect intended, if not properly desinged for expansive soils. Make sure your contractor uses a design which will not be adversely affected by shrinking and swelling.

    Interior finishing. One of the most costly mistakes a homeowner or careless contractor can make is to defeat the design purpose of a floating floor slab. A floating garage or basement floor slab is designed to move freely. Therefore, any furring, paneling, dry wall, or interior partitions added to a basement or garage must maintain this freedom of vertical movement. Any added walls or wall coverings should be suspended from the existing walls or ceiling, and should not be attached to the floor slab. A minimum void space of 3 in. should then be provided just above the floor slab. This void space may be covered with flexible molding, or inflexible molding attached to the floor rather than the wall. Although these recommendations provide for 3 in. of upward swell of the soil beneath the floor slab, more void space may be necessary in areas of highly swelling clay. source: Colorado Geological Survey: Mitigation and Land Use (Swelling Soil)

Should your house experience foundation problems due to improper maintenance. Contact Superior Foundation Repair immediately for a Free Foundation Repair Estimate on the extent of damage done to your home.

Read our Foundation Maintenance tips for more information on maintaining a healthy home foundation