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May 2010

Courtesy of wikipedia.orgCentral Texas Memorial Day Festivals and Events

While searching for things to do this Memorial Day weekend, I realized there’s hardly any good content out there aggregating the events and festivals going on during Memorial Day. One of our nation’s biggest holidays, and no easy place to find out what’s going on around town? Well after a bit of research I was able to track down the 5 most interesting festivals going on around Central Texas, and I’ve listed them here.

  • Austin Wine & Music Festival

  • A self-proclaimed festival of the 5 senses. The Austin Wine & Music Festival features live music, local food, arts & crafts, and award winning wine. The festival will last for 3 days, from May 29-31. Tickets are available here at $29.99 for 1-day passes and $79.99 for 3-day passes, ages 16-21 are significantly discounted, and children 15 and under are free. According to the section on Music at their site there will be 5 bands each on Saturday and Sunday, and 3 bands on Monday.
  • San Antonio River Walk – Arts & Crafts Festival

  • There is not much information on this event. From May 29-31 there will be a variety of vendors set up on the River Extension near the Chamber of Commerce selling handmade Arts & Crafts. Visit the official website of the San Antonio River Walk for more information. This event is free to attend.
  • Luckenbach 160th Anniversary Celebration

  • Celebrate Luckenbach’s 160th Anniversary all weekend with live music in typical Luckenbach, country style. The big party will happen on Saturday May 29th, when Roger Creager, Reckless Kelly, and Weldon Henson take the stage for the celebration. There will be more festivities on Sunday and Monday, however from the website it is unclear who will be playing. Tickets for Saturday night are $22 on the Luckenbach, Texas website.
  • Fredricksburg Crawfish Festival

  • On Friday from 6 p.m. to Midnight and Saturday from 11 a.m. to Midnight, Fredricksburg will be hosting its annual Crawfish Festival at the Fredricksburg Marktplatz. Admission is $6 for adults per day or $10 for a two day pass. Children 12 and under are $1. The event features, music, arts & crafts, crawfish, cajun food, German sausage, and children’s activities.
  • Kerrville Folk Festival

  • The annual Kerrville Music Festival starts on Thursday May 27 and lasts through June 13th, however Friday, Saturday and Sunday provide a lot of quality entertainment for a reasonable price. Tickets to the Kerrvile Music Festival range from $35-$40 Friday-Monday. Highlights include: Randy Rogers (Friday), porterdavis & Jimmy Lafave (Saturday), and Terri Hendrix & Indigo Girls (Sunday).

Superior Foundation Repair salutes our veterans and wishes you a safe Memorial Day weekend.


Behavior and Effects of Expansive Soil, Copyright Prentice HallWith the Onset of Summer, Comes Contracting Soil

After a fall and winter of higher than average rainfall in Central Texas, thanks to El Nino, a dry summer has the potential to wreak havoc on building foundations across the region.

Soil in Central Texas has Expanded
Due to Recent Rainfall

The soil composition here in Central Texas is comprised of moderate to highly expansive soils, see our post on expansive soils. What this means is that in wet periods our soils absorb water and expand, and during dry periods they lose moisture and contract.

Diagram of Expansive Soil, Copyright Prentice Hall In the example at right, taken from a Prentice Hall textbook, we can easily see the amount of moisture present in an expansive soil multiplies when moisture is introduced causing a phenomenon known as soil heave. As the name suggests soil heave causes the soil to lift upward and can either put added pressure on your exterior walls, if the soil under your house remains dry, or on the center of your foundation, if the soil under your home is affected by leaks or other sources of moisture.

Large Cracks in a Foundation or Walls
are Usually a Sign of Foundation Problems

If your home is experiencing any foundation problems, you will most likely either want to have a structural engineer take a look, or call a foundation repair company out to examine your home.

Superior has years of experience with San Antonio and Austin Foundation Repair. We also offer coupons to our web customers at our Google Maps pages, if you are in the Austin area visit our Superior Foundation Repair Austin – Google Maps page to see our specials. If you are in the San Antonio area visit our Superior Foundation Repair San Antonio – Google Maps page for our specials.

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