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  • Your crews were efficient & effective in their repair. Thank you, Superior, for a wonderful job. - J. Schwarz
  • Wow! I'm impressed with Superior... I would highly recommend this company to anybody. - Bonnie T.
  • Their crew was fast & efficient. I recommend Superior to anyone needing foundation repair. - T. Johnson
  • Superior Foundation Repair's service was outstanding. - R. Williamson
  • Superior Foundation Repair offers a better, more permanent solution to level foundations. - J. Daniels
  • I would highly recommend Superior Foundation Repair. - Clark T.
  • I was impressed with the crew. They had great attention to detail and were very neat. - D. Pimentel
  • I couldn't have asked for a better experience. The quality of the work impressed me every step of the way. - S. Wallace
  • From start to finish, my experience with Superior Foundation Repair was enjoyable and cost-effective. - Chris V.
  • Finally, we have found a foundation repair company that we can truly rely upon. - J. Honegger
  • A reliable local company that stands by their word and takes pride and care in their work. - D. Golding

Testimonials about Superior Foundation Repair

Solid Foundation Repair Warranty

Superior Foundation Repair - Steel Piers Anchored to Bedrock“I recommend that my clients call Superior Foundation Repair when I present them with choices for foundation repair. I have been moved by personal examples of Brady’s integrity and willingness to help my clients. In addition to being cost-competitive in every bid I’ve seen so far, my clients seem to agree that Superior Foundation Repair offers a better and more permanent solution to level and repair foundations. As the clients who originally introduced me to Superior Foundation Repair pointed out – a lifetime foundation warranty is more valuable if it means that the problem is permanently fixed and the company does not have to return to re-level their home.”
– Jim Daniels

Outsanding Service, House was Clean after Foundation Repair

“Superior Foundation Repair’s service was outstanding. As they dug the dirt out for the holes they bagged it immediately and when they had finished you couldn’t tell they had ever been there. I would definitely recommend them, and I do.”
– Ray Williamson

Friendly, Clean Service

“The workers were all friendly and always left the job site clean and tidy.”
– Fay Porter

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Nice Owner, Good Workers

“Brady is a nice man and his workers were all good people. I’d give them a good score.”
– Mr. Buckman

A Knowledgeable and Detail Oriented Foundation Repair Contractor

“I was very satisfied. Brady’s first visit answered all my questions. I was impressed with the crew. They had great attention to detail and were very neat. I would recommend Superior Foundation Repair, no question about it.”
– David Pimentel

On Time and Hard Working Foundation Repair Company

“After speaking with several different foundation repair companies I chose to go with Superior Foundation Repair. The crew started the job on time, were very hard working and completed the job on schedule. They exceeded my expectations. I have recommended them to friends.”
– Brad Yoes